Brand Repositioning

The Situation

Northland had its niche as the only 100% Cranberry Juice line, while category giant Ocean Spray was the Cranberry Juice Cocktail brand. All was well. Then Ocean Spray launched 100% Juice, virtually eliminating Northland’s reason for being. Sales and distribution began to plummet. What does a niche brand do when a giant takes over its territory?

What We Did

KWG’s answer: Find new territory. Insights gleaned from consumers led to a unique target opportunity: juices for adult women that appeal to their unique tastes and sensibilities—Dark Fruit Juices. Repositioning the brand without changing the product line created a position that was embraced by existing and new users alike.


A powerfully unified voice captured the imagination of the trade and the target consumer, recaptured distribution, reversed declines and grew the brand beyond expectations.