Gold Bond

Ultimate Lotion Launch

The Situation

Gold Bond enjoyed gold-plated loyalty for its medicated products. When they decided to expand those good feelings into a great feeling lotion, we were tasked with getting the word out in a category that was already saturated with lotion advertising. We relished the opportunity to do what we do best—innovate.


What We Did

The female-bottles_healingtargeted lotion category spends 50% of its budget on print advertising. Many media experts would never attempt to go elsewhere—which is precisely why we did: Digital and social solutions, combined with a dominant TV voice. Our competition was barely there, but Gold Bond’s target was, waiting to hear from us. KWG’s efficient novel media strategies, including shorter units and cable efficiencies, delivered immediate impact, reach and continuity, dominating competitive voice with a limited budget. The little lotion from Gold Bond was on the map; in its first year, it beat out the best-selling single SKU in the lotion category.


Thanks to category-leading share of voice, not to mention a highly satisfying product, Gold Bond Ultimate is proud to report $100 million in sales growth since 2004. Perhaps the best part is how little we had to spend to get there. KWG’s strategies enabled Gold Bond to deliver equal share of voice with the other top brands while spending only one third of their total budget. Now that’s smooth.