Apple & Eve

Fruitables Launch

The Situation

V8 V-Fusion was a homerun, and while countless competitors had tried to launch a successful fruit and vegetable juice to rival it, everyone came up short. Apple & Eve had the juice-making heritage, and a great fruit and veggie juice for kids. But where would we find the answers to make their Fruitables product a success? From mom, of course.

What We Did

We knew what moms wanted: More vegetables and fruits, without all of the sugar they found in other kid’s drinks. So that’s just what we served them—along with delicious flavors they knew their kids would love. With a winning product and a mom-approved message, we employed our innovative media strategies that delivered four times more impressions per dollar than our average competitor.


Fruitables certainly ate their vegetables. In just three months, the brand enjoyed norm-busting growth:

  • a 200% increase in brand awareness
  • a 233% increase in trial
  • a 450% increase in ad awareness

And in two years, sales numbers doubled. Best of all, the team’s efficient media strategy gave Fruitables all that voice in the marketplace at a fraction of what the competition was spending.