Rx to OTC Launch

The Situation

Rx brand Allegra was going OTC, and it deserved a big launch. It was third to market in a mature and highly competitive category, and challenged with a launch budget lower than the established category leader. But the way KWG saw it, a tight budget was all the more reason to spend smarter and ensure that no allergy-suffering American would be able to say “Allegra who?”

What We Did

We wanted Allegra to connect with our target from the moment her alarm went off in the morning right through bedtime. Our media plan captured 30% share of voice over the competition, meeting our target at every step of their day with multichannel 360-degree coverage. On TV and radio, we employed high-rated programming, key allergy times and tailored endorsements from well-known personalities. Online, we flooded launch period with high-impact campaign tactics like website roadblocks and homepage takeovers, and social media activations. Moms (for Children’s Allegra) and D-users were targeted, too, and with little or no spend from the competition during launch, Allegra seized the opportunity to own the Hispanic market.


Just three months post-launch, Allegra claimed the #2 spot from Zyrtec. Our high impact campaign increased impressions by 21%.  Allegra won awareness, as well as share of voice across and within channels.